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Debt Counseling

It's the American dream to own a home, a new car, or other luxuries in life!  To acquire many of life's luxuries, borrowing money is required.  To date, American consumer debt has reached astronomical highs while some lenders and merchants continue to entice and over-extend consumers with extravagant marketing campaigns. Do you find that your financial obligations are becoming burdensome and you are barely able to manage?  Are Creditors calling?  Are you borrowing from one source to meet another payment obligation?  Let us help you overcome the anxiety, frustration, and overwhelmed feeling of "never catching up" on your monthly obligations.  Let us confidentially review your income and expenses to get you back on track with your finances.  We will communicate with creditors when necessary to even reduce the amount of your total monthly obligations and will assist you in establishing a household budget. 

Many clients prefer we actively participate in their budgeting process.  In some cases, we may actually increase the amount of weekly or bi-weekly disposable income.  More disposable income means more household spending money.  Let us help you find comfort in your finances again!

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