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House and Mail Management

Do you feel uneasy or restless while you are away from home for days, weeks, or months on end?  Whether you are separated from your home due to a demanding career or to escape the Ohio winters; your home may be exposed to the elements of severe weather, appliance malfunction, or even break-ins.


Daily Advisors LLC will regularly inspect your home and premises, monitor and retrieve mail (including regular or unanticipated deliveries).  Your collected mail will be delivered to you upon your return.  At your request, we can monitor and notify you upon receipt of any time sensitive or anticipated mail.

 We are qualified in assessing the safety and security of your home and premises. Our assessment includes the safety and adequacy of:  indoor/outdoor lighting and timer functions, door and window locks effectiveness, and other potential safeguarding concerns we observe.

A particularly popular safeguard service we offer is a time/date stamped video tape of your premises, home interior and exterior, along with contents and furnishings (room by room).  This is an invaluable resource in obtaining the settlement you deserve should a devastating event occur.


Daily Advisors LLC emphasize the importance of safeguarding and protecting what may well be your greatest investment!

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