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Recordkeeping and Safeguarding

Recordkeeping can be a frustrating and exhausting event for most of us.  Periodic or regular medical expenses can be especially difficult.  Are your incoming bills and bank statements confusing and causing you anxiety? 

Daily Advisors LLC help clients interpret their mail to make informed decisions as to when and what amount is actually due after Medicare and any supplemental insurance benefits/payments have been applied.  In addition, we can aid in your review and better understanding of insurance coverage.


Income Tax filing can also be an anxious and worrisome time for many.  Daily Advisors LLC can help with safekeeping a copy of the annual return, coordinate the preparation and signing with the tax advisor, and even communicate with your advisor or the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf.

Are you widowed and finding the paperwork and responsibilities left to handle unbearable or overwhelming?  Let our Advisors assist you in organizing and maintaining the pertinent paperwork and reduce your responsibilities.

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