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Estate Planning

Do you have "peace of mind" with the affairs of your estate?  Daily Advisors LLC offer innovative solutions for every phase of your financial life.  We will partner with your tax and legal advisors to assist with strategies designed to help reduce income taxes or the impact of estate taxes, retirement planning, charitable gift planning, ensure lifetime financial care, and create family financial protection. 


Although estate and financial planning are essential, many people believe their particular assets "don't measure up" or planning for the management and distribution of their assets after they die makes them feel uneasy.  Regardless of the size of your estate, consideration should be given to one or more of the following basic estate planning tools:


  • Last Will & Testament

  • Living Will

  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

  • General or Limited Power of Attorney

  • Trust Agreement

You've heard it many times before and it's quite true…if one dies without a Last Will & Testament, the state (Ohio) will likely decide who gets what.  If you have children who are minors, the Probate Court may also be forced to decide who will be their legal guardian. With more than a decade of experience, our advisors will review your Last Will & Testament and other estate planning documents with youand your legal advisor. 


Make sure your Last Will & Testament is safeguarded and current.  Changes to your Last Will &Testament may be necessary when:


  • Your financial picture changes

  • Your executor or primary beneficiary dies or becomes incapacitated

  • You marry or divorce

  • You buy a house or other significant purchase

  • Your spouse dies

  • You relocate to another state

  • You have a new child or change in custody


Contact Daily Advisors LLC at (419) 303-3504 or email us at for a free consultation in the privacy of your own home.

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